Southern California's Finest
Interior Restoration Artists
serving the Aerospace, Marine,
Automotive, and RV
Industries since 1987

Vinyl Ladies is a mobile business specializing in repair and dye of:
leather and vinyl
linoleum and laminate flooring
plastic and fiberglass
Corian and Formica
real or faux wood
vinyl wallpaper
as well as some fabrics and carpets.

We are renowned for our "whole coach approach" and
ability to quickly and affordably transform an interior.

We use only FAA approved processes and the utmost care
in refurbishing aircraft interiors.  Our work is considered
"preventative maintenance" and complies with FAR:
25.853 (a)(c)

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We routinely repair cracks, scratches, large tears

and burns on leather and vinyl. We can also,
in most cases, restitch smaller sections of torn seams.

Please move cursor over image to view 'before' and 'after'.

We have pioneered a durable and virtually flawless technique
to repair linoleum and vinyl flooring. We also perform similar
repairs on Corian, Formica, fiberglass counters, and vinyl wallpapers.

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Our proprietary dye conceals stains,
fading, and discoloration but will never peel or
crack like other professional coatings which are
typically elastomeric or solvent-based.

restored section of this seat was color matched
   to the adjacent vinyl, demonstrating how leathers
                   darken and discolor over time.

Our repairs are suited to interior and exterior applications. Our dye adds a protective anti-UV layer and conditions leather or vinyl. 

Serving Southern California's Inland Empire since 1987